Toulouse Lautrec [video]


We spoke to this bad boy of post-impressionism about the age old “artist struggles,” sex, booze and drugs, money, who gets to decide a work of art’s value, depression, and how to balance things out when you feel too much.

This is the follow-up to our last post, featuring guest medium Kaz Windness channeling Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Kaz is an artist and illustrator, and so she wanted to bring in Henri de Toulouse Lautrec. This turned out to be a crucial interview for us because Mimi realized she was allowing her perception of Toulouse and impressionists in general – which was leaning more on the “nicey nice” side of things – to have an influence on what she “allowed” him to say. Not knowing anything about Toulouse Lautrec, she was surprised to hear him casually talk about “pussy” like he was Keith Richards. Since this interview, we’ve been extra careful not to censor anything spirits ever give us.

Turns out Toulouse Lautrec was a playah! Once we got that out of the way, his boisterous persona and poker face sense of humour came through loud and clear, as well as his funny disinterest in most of our “woo woo” questions! He was amused by our interest in him and in the spirit world, and was attentive to our questions – this guy was a great listener.

Our favourite moment is Toulouse teasing Kaz about his so called dislike for cats (that poker face, again), after she made a goofy point of yelling “HE LOVED CATS!” while Mimi was away from her computer to let her cat out, oblivious to what was going on.

Mimi heard her friend Mawt chime in a few times, so we’ve decided to dedicate this one to him.


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