​Right after Myra Hindley’s interview, William and Mimi prepared to interview Ian Curtis of Joy Division. Myra’s interview was deep and emotional, and had tired both of them out a little. Mimi asked Ian Curtis to be near William (who didn’t know who Ian Curtis was) so that he could feel his energy. Then something strange happened: William started describing someone who was obviously not Ian Curtis! Tupac Shakur had just crashed the interview. Ian gracefully bowed down and agreed to step back and let Tupac come through. This interview happened at a time when Mimi had just gone through a separation, moved to a different city, and nearly lost her 16 year old cat – all within one month. Her energy and mood had been naturally lower than usual, and that created boundary issues for her with spirits, who at the time were invading her new home and privacy. Her earthly concerns had made her forget that doing something like Psychic Punx was an open invitation for spirits and that she needed to momentarily create new “rules” for it. There already were set rules to follow for spirits who wanted an interview with Psychic Punx, but any boundaries we create with spirits change according to how our own energy and intentions change. At the same time, Psychic Punx medium Alison in Australia was also going through similar experiences with unwanted spirits. Thankfully, that’s all resolved and taken care of now. Tupac showed up as a reminder to always work on our boundaries, especially when our energy is low. But the opportunity was there, so he took it! Tupac made us laugh and talked to us about love, family and community, the “war on ideas” that he foresees in the next decade, and his quest to find black mediums to channel his words! Until next time, Ian!


Mimi: What are you feeling for him [Ian Curtis] emotionally?

William: Oh, it’s super happy.

Mimi: Happy? [Laughs] Ok…when I talk to him I don’t get “happy”!

William: Oh no?

Mimi: No, that’s funny! Can he tell you how he passed so that we know we have the right guy?

William: I’m sure I have the right guy. Is he a black gentleman?

Mimi: No.

William: I have a black gentleman.

Mimi: That’s ok, go with it.

William: Go with the flow, yeah. [Pause] I see a gun, was it a gang thing? Rivals, or wrong place, kind of thing.

Mimi: No. So…who’s with you?

William: Yeah, who’s with me?! [Laughs]

Mimi: Let me tune with you in and see.


Mimi: You’ve got Tupac.

William: I was feeling the same thing.

Mimi: Yeah, Tupac’s here. We can do Tupac, sure!

[Pause while Mimi and William feel a little confused!]



Mimi: Do you know Tupac?

William: I know of him, but no.

Mimi: Ok, good…so…he’s kind of bullying his way into this interview.

William: I was just gonna say, he muscled his way right in. [Laughs]

Mimi: Yeah. Is that ok, Ian? [Pause] He’s laughing, it’s fine. Ok then, let’s do Tupac!

William: Ok. As long as Ian’s ok with that.

Mimi: Ian’s ok with it. [Laughs] I just saw him sit down with some popcorn, he’s gonna watch…Oh my God, there are a bunch of spirits here for Tupac, actually! Ok…Tupac’s popular.

William: Yeah, I think he is. Alright, well…I told you I was having a weird day!

Mimi: Yeah…Ok Tupac! Welcome to Psychic Punx!

William: [Laughs] He’s like “Yo, yo, yo!”

Mimi: [Laughs] Describe your personality in one word for us, Tupac.

Tupac: I was smooooooth.

Mimi: And what was your greatest challenge, in your lifetime as Tupac?

Tupac: Keepin’ my mouth shut!

Mimi: [Laughs] I bet!

Tupac: That was my job: I sang. But the mouth never shut off. Got me into trouble.

Mimi: Yeah….Hang on, let me just open Wikipedia so I can confirm things for you as we go.

Tupac: Ok, baby.

Mimi: [Laughs]…I was talking to Will, but ok.

William: [Laughs] Well, he’s all up in my face now.

Mimi: Alright…Tupac, what was your greatest quality? I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding one.

William: [Laughs] I think he’s trying to pick one, he says, “I got a lot!”

Tupac: My charisma.

Mimi: [Laughs] Would that be the same charisma you used to squeeze your way into this interview?

Tupac: It worked!

Mimi: It worked, yes, exactly! [Laughs] Ok, what were you here to learn?

William: He says “love” but he pins that with “brotherly love.” I don’t think that’s direct family, but it’s a love like…you know when people might not be close to their family, so they have a “chosen” family? That’s what I’m feeling, like his crew or his posse. He was here to just learn that kind of love. He’s not saying he didn’t have family love, he’s saying that was kind of the [other] family he chose and that was related to the lesson he was learning.

Mimi: I can certainly relate to that. The value of friendship has been a constant, reoccurring lesson in my life.

William: Yeah, he says “his crew.”

Mimi: Ok. What was your life purpose?

William: Connections. To make the connections, to spread love. Oh! He just touched me, too! And he’s also adding, “to be a martyr,” to let love heal things. He put himself right in the way, literally of a bullet I guess is what he’s saying, to help teach love after he left.

Mimi: Wow, ok. I don’t know much about his death, but I know he was really loved. What are you most proud of, Tupac?

Tupac: My fans!

Mimi: Ah, how so?

Tupac: They gave me love, I felt that love, and I gave it back to them.

William: So it created kind of like a water wheel of love, is what he’s saying.

Mimi: Ok…I like his answers so far, I like his style. What are you least proud of?

Tupac: The violence that came along with some of the things we did. 

​William: It’s kind of like the opposite…everybody has a choice about how they’re gonna react to stuff, so…his life was…in a lot of ways was very violent, and it didn’t need to be.

Mimi: Right. Was he consciously not proud of that at the time, or is this an emotion he’s only feeling now, after the fact?

William: Right now he’s definitely not proud of that, but…he couldn’t see it so clearly when he was here, because he was so wrapped up in it.

Mimi: Yeah.

William: It’s hard to see that. He was aware of it, of course, or part of it…[because] he created that. He was certainly more regretful of it after he left, is what I’m getting.

Mimi: Yeah, I have a feeling he was meant to live a life like that, and publicly. The contrasts.

William: Yeah, it was planned.

Mimi: So life review, how was your life review Tupac? That’ll be interesting.

Tupac: Me and my peeps, we kicked it!

William: [Laughs] He’s giving me a lot of Tupac-isms. I don’t know what they are, but it feels very…he’s very smooth. [Laughs] He’s just laid back, he’s got a bandana on. He says for the most part, the review…he’s showing me a scene that’s kind of like the movie Goodfellas. He’s with a bunch of people, everyone’s eating and having a good time.

Tupac: I got to see my life after I left, and the connections that were made because of the way I left. That was a point of pride for me, because I thought my review would be bad because of all the negativity, but it was really a doorway to love. It was unexpected to have that kind of love, to see my influence.

William: It was eye-opening.

Mimi: That’s amazing, thank you. I’m um…getting Malcom X really strongly right now, he’s here.

William: [Bobbing his head to an invisible beat] I just wanna bob my head.

Mimi: [Laughs] I don’t know if you’re feeling all that energy, but man…lots of spirits here for Tupac.

William: No pressure!

Mimi: [Laughs] Nah, of course not. What was your opinion on spirituality and God before you passed, Tupac?

William: Oh, he’s tingling me all over…I can hear him pretty good. He says: “Deep. I was deep.”

Mimi: I can see that, yeah. 

William: He’s showing me…so that I’ll get the image [message] right, a tree root, a big tree root.

Tupac: I was well-rounded in spirituality. I knew I had the divine in me, which is what allowed me to be who I was, to connect with people, to inspire people. I felt that divine spark. I knew that it came from inside, and I also knew that it was given to me.

Mimi: Were you more of a religious person then, or were you leaning more on the intuitive side? Were you into this stuff?

William: I have a feeling he went to see mediums.

Mimi: I felt that too, yeah, that’s why I asked.

William: Yeah, he entertained that. More than entertained it, he believed it. He might not have been able to prove it, but yeah he was into that stuff.

Mimi: Yeah. And I feel it annoyed a few members of his crew.

William: Yeah! “That’s crazy talk, man!”

Tupac: But I believed in that stuff.

Mimi: [Laughs] I just heard him say the same thing! “But I believed it.” Ok, and how has your understanding of God or life changed after you passed? Or has it changed?

Tupac: Man, my heart opened up!

William: Ah, how to put this into words! [To Tupac] I’m trying! [Laughs] Alright, put it like this. He’s like, “I got to bake the pie on earth, but I didn’t get to eat it till afterwards. And it was so delicious!”

Mimi: [Laughs] The Tupac poetry! I like it!

William: I forgot what the question even was! What was the question?

Mimi: His views on God or life after he passed. That was an amazing answer.

Tupac: Yeah, we tight.

Mimi: [Laughs] Good. Ok, this is a big one, Tupac, are you ready for it? Tell us about an experience that shaped your spirit, either on earth or elsewhere.

William: I’m seeing little aliens…he’s showing me a different life.

Mimi: [Laughs] Little Tupac aliens!

William: Yeah…he’s laughing at that. [Laughs] So it’s an alien life…he’s showing me the traditional…

Mimi: Yeah, so that we’ll understand. I’m seeing a little green guy – he’s dumbing it down for us.

William: I’m getting a whole bunch of stuff. It’s about community, it’s about family. He’s kind of tying it back to [his earth life]. Kind of like Myra said: earth is hard. So he had this alien life, probably chronologically before his earth life as Tupac, is what I’m getting, where he was connected to a family, and he wanted to bring that to earth with him, that same feeling of connectedness with his family and crew.

Mimi: Was this a while ago? Sounds like he’s an old, wise soul.

William: He’s smoking, he’s just chilling. It’s funny because…I don’t know where his rivalry was, but he’s got a blue headband…and I feel it was…it’s like either you’re a red one, or a blue one. And I think in life…I don’t know if he was always wearing a red, but it’s blue now.



Mimi: Well, [in] the photo in Wikipedia, he’s got the blue.

William: Oh! Ok. Is the knot in the front?

Mimi: Yes.

William: Ah, cool.

Mimi: Well, the side, but…it’s not in the back!

William: I’m seeing it in the front right now. So he’s wearing the blue? Alright. What was the question? [Laughs]

Mimi: I wanted to know if his alien life…if that was a long time ago. I’m just feeling he’s been around a while.

William: He’s been around a while, is what he says.

Tupac: Earth stuff, I’ve seen a lot!

William: He’s going as far as Roman coliseums, I’m seeing. Boats before there were cars, like old boats, for travelling. And it’s funny, cause all the themes are “family.” It was worth fighting for, and he had his “boys” with him. And on the boat…whether he was a captain or not, there was a crew. It’s kind of his theme. Everybody has a “theme,” and his is “community.”

Mimi: What made him want to come here and be Tupac, then?

William: [To Tupac] I can’t say that! [Laughs]

Mimi: Say it!

William: He’s like, “The bitches!” [Laughs]

Mimi: [Laughs] Seriously!

William: He’s not embarrassed about saying it…

Mimi: Well why would he be, he’s Tupac!

William: Yeah…well, I’m embarrassed, but he’s like, “whatever, get over it Will.”

Mimi: It’s nothing embarrassing, it’s fun to hear spirits say these things. “Enlightened” spirits. [Laughs]

Tupac: You don’t know how it is to walk into a room and [points in different directions] just pick, to have that freedom…

William: The freedom to…[laughs] I’m gonna dumb it down to “sharing love with people.”

Mimi: Yeah, you don’t know what that’s like, Will! [Laughs]

William: [Laughs] I don’t! That’s funny, that was very nonchalantly put. “You don’t know what it’s like to [points finger in several directions] poom-poom-poom-poom-poom!”

Tupac: That’s powerful!

Mimi: So, he’s a thrill seeker then?

William: Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Yep!

Mimi: Yep. [Laughs] Alright Tupac, that’s cool. What’s the greatest thing you created in the afterlife?

Tupac: Love. I already answered that. I got to see the effect I had, and how I connected people. The answer’s always gonna be “love.” It just depends how you define that.

Mimi: Exactly.

William: He defines that as his legacy.

Tupac: It’s not ego, I just had so much love to give, and people got it. Some people don’t leave that behind, and people don’t know what they loved and what they were like, but I was a pretty popular guy and I got to share that with people. People know who I am.

Mimi: Beautiful. What lessons are you learning right now in the afterlife?

Tupac: Moderation.

Mimi: [Laughs] I kind of got that too, yeah.

William: Let me ask him for more on that. Moderation…the other word is a “slower burn.”

Tupac: I want things fast, I want them quick, I want them now. But sometimes, you gotta just relax and go with the flow. You don’t need to be the brightest star all the time – that was an ego decision, to be as popular as I was. I don’t need to be that person anymore, I don’t need to be in the spotlight. I can do little things, and they still matter.

William: He’s almost coming off like that’s a flaw. It’s like, “I desire that” and he says, “I don’t think it’s wrong.”

Mimi: No, of course not. It also depends what you do with it.

Tupac: [Wanting to be in the spotlight all the time] can create a desire and lead to the wrong place. It can skew a few lessons.

Mimi: Gotcha. Share a favorite memory, Tupac!

William: His favorite memory was being able to provide for his family when he cut his first album. He felt like, “I’m going places, I can take care of people.”

Mimi: Cool…very good answers, I like his answers. [Pause] It feels like he’s a little bored with us though. I just got that feeling. We’re not energetic enough for him – or it’s not what he was expecting, almost. Are you getting that feeling too, or is he just sending that to me?

William: [Laughs] He’s laughing at me, but I’m not getting that right now, no.

Mimi: Ok. There’s love in that, I’m just feeling that he’s a little like “is this it?” Ok, what is your mission now, Tupac, if you have one?

William: He says he has his own airline company. What a strange answer.

Tupac: Air Tupac!

Mimi [Laughs] Why not! And who gets to fly on Air Tupac?

Tupac: All the bitches are ridin’ the plane! That “No Smoking” light was ripped out, we light up all the time!

Mimi: [Laughs] He’s literally riding his own plane. So what does that do, riding your own plane in the afterlife?

Tupac: I enjoy people I’m around and spending time together. That’s it. I got my crew.

Mimi: He’s got his crew up there as well?

William: Yes.

Mimi: He likes it, yeah. Ok, what messages do you have for us, Tupac? He likes the attention, so he has our attention.

Tupac: You know I do!

William: [Pause] It’s like he’s thinking about it.

Mimi: He wants it to be good!

William: Yeah. [Pause] He kind of wishes it was two black guys interviewing him though.

Mimi: I know! [Laughs] That’s the feeling I got earlier, you just expressed it in a different way. [Laughs] Thank you.

Tupac: No offense meant, but you’re so white, Will.

Mimi: [Laughs] And so am I, yeah!

Tupac: And she’s so white.

Mimi: Yes! It’s the energy that we’re bringing to the interview.

Tupac: It’s the nuances.

Mimi: I know. But you showed up uninvited Tupac, give us a break.

William: Yeah, he muscled in. [Laughs] Nah, it’s ok. I have a feeling that this is…it’s a beginning for him.

Tupac: I’m gonna visit a lot of you guys, not just you two.  I’m gonna start coming through and preaching love. My message is heard, but I want it to be remembered. I like coming to psychics…but I’m gonna go find some black ones.

William: [Laughs] He says there’s gonna be a couple people that channel him directly.

Mimi: [Laughs] Ok, that’s cool. Good for you, Tupac. Yeah, we’re certainly not the first to channel him.

Tupac: I’m gonna find the right vibe for that. No offence – this is good warm up for me.

Mimi: No offence at all, happy he’s here! Yeah, I really felt that we didn’t bring in the energy he wanted. He’s kind of right, I mean…we’re still on Myra’s energy. So it’s a little bit more calm than usual.

William: Oh, I’m still not over that.

Mimi: Exactly, it has an effect on our energy. But we are very white too, that’s true! [Laughs] Ok, so…messages, Tupac.

Tupac: Tupac on tour. 2017. No holograms needed this time, I’ll be there!

Mimi and William laugh.

Tupac: It’s gonna be a bumpy ride, you guys better hold on. You’re gonna weather a storm or two. But in the end, it’s gonna be positive.

Mimi: It’s already starting.

William: Ah, he says it’s gonna get worse than this.

Mimi: How so?

William: [Laughs] It’s funny because I hear him perfectly, he’s like, [pulling hands back] “aaaaaaaah!”

Tupac: There’s things I can tell you, and there’s things that can change if I tell you. It defeats the purpose if I’d tell you everything. But there’s gonna be wars – military – but also wars on ideas.

Mimi: Yeah, that’s already started too.

Tupac: Yes, religion is gonna take a hit. People are going to have to redefine how religion works.

William: That’s great.

Mimi: So when is that all coming about?

William: He says it’s starting, but soon. He says the tax on ideas about religion is within ten years. It’s gonna be significant.

Tupac: I can pop up and say “I told you so.”

Mimi: Please do. So when he says “tax on ideas and religion,” are we talking about Christianity and Islam?

William: He says all of them. He says they’re outdated.

Mimi: Well, yeah, I agree. But is anything positive gonna come out of that?

William: Yeah, it’s gonna be more spiritual. People are gonna…it’s gonna be redefined.

Mimi: Ok well…I have no problems with that!

Tupac: There’s gonna be evidence that’s coming that’s gonna help that along.

Mimi: Wow, ok. Alright Tupac! Anything else he’d like to add?

Tupac: You guys did all right!

William: He’s not disappointed.

Mimi: I hope not! What brought him to Psychic Punx, who told him about it?

William…[Makes an X with his index fingers] Um…X…X…Malcom X.

Mimi: Malcom X…well Malcom X is here. He’s been on my mind for a while now, and I’ve been wanting to interview him forever – it’s just that there are spirits like Tupac who shove themselves in my face and ask to be interviewed. So it’s funny that Malcom X told him about it before he even got to be interviewed himself. Ok, so you’re next Malcom!

Tupac: I’ll come back for Malcom!

Mimi: Alright!

William: He says you’re gonna do it.

Mimi: Of course I am. It’ll be either with you or Alison. [Laughs] He’s laughing, isn’t he?

Tupac: Let’s see, one white girl or another white girl? It don’t matter!

Mimi: [Laughs] Man!

William: [Laughs] He’s not that disappointed.

Mimi: I know, he’s just teasing. Thank you Tupac, that was fun!

Tupac: We’ll talk again!

Mimi: Are we?

William: That’s what he says!

Mimi: Ok Tupac, but when we do Malcom’s interview, you’re gonna let him do his thing. So if there’s anything else you want to say, now is the time!

Tupac: Nah, I can agree to that.

Mimi: Ok good.

Tupac: Set your boundaries, it’ll work.

Mimi: Ooooh, look at him!

Tupac: I teachin’ you, right?

Mimi: Yes, you are! That’s an issue for me right now. Ok hang on Tupac, I have a question: can we connect with you for help? If we were to connect with him, what would be the best thing we could ask his help for?

William: I’m just gonna give you the words. I hear “rhythm,” I hear “soul,” “communication.” He helps people put together words – doesn’t have to be songs. It can be someone writing a paper. He helps find the rhythm of the words, is what he’s saying. He’s kind of a wordsmith, is what I’m getting.

Tupac: That’s what I was good at in life, so that’s what I resonate with and can help with. Creating energy from words and how they flow.

Mimi: Beautiful! Thank you Tupac!



Watch for our interview with Malcom X coming up soon. And yes, Tupac did show up for it!

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