Part of what we do is public mediumship of well-known people. The intent behind these interviews is to gain a greater understanding of a spirit person’s purpose by looking back on their life, actions, challenges, lessons learned, etc. and to learn about our own lives and purpose in the process. All our channeled sessions are done on the spot with no prior research about our interview subject – the medium does not know in advance who the interviewer will ask to bring in. The spirits we channel answer an intent – either they step forward or we send out a request for them to join us. We never approach any spirit person we channel with entitlement: it is always done with the utmost respect to the sacredness of mediumship and with love for the spirit in question, regardless of who they were or what they did. We never share delicate or sensitive information about any of the spirit people we channel. We always ask the same detached, open questions in all our interviews. Mediumship is not an exact science – the process of mediumship is a translation of energy and thoughts from Consciousness, which is perceived by the medium as feelings, impressions, thoughts or visuals. These feelings are then interpreted as best as we can. We do not claim to share or know factual information on any of the spirit people we channel. The purpose of these sessions is also to help normalize the fear, taboo, stigma, clichés and stereotypes attached to the world of extra-sensory perception. For more information about us and our interviews, check out our FAQ, or learn more about our mediums.